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Have you been scammed? Please report it to us so we can add it here! Always pay as for services, NEVER as donation or as for family / friends when using PayPal!

What you can do

  • Contact the seller, he probably forgot to remove the account.
  • If you paid with PayPal, open a case!
  • If you're asked to close the case, do not!
  • If you bought from local seller, contact the police.
  • If you get threats for reporting the scam, contact the authorities.
  • If the scammer asks for your phone number, don't give it!
  • If you bought from eBay, you got a 30 days MoneyBack guarantee! Use it!
  • Report the scammer to us, so that we can spread the info.

Good to know

  • Avoid purchasing iDevices from eBay, as you can't test the device.
  • If a price looks too good to be true, it is.
  • If the listing doesn't show the device turned on, that's a red flag.
  • Ask for the IMEI and check it on free online services before buying.
  • Most iCloud Unlock by IMEI services are FAKE!
  • Don't buy GSX accounts on social media...
  • CFWs require an iBOOT or BOOTROM Exploit!
  • If more than 4 days pass with no unlock / answer, REPORT!



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Submit Trusted Service

Please make sure you have enough evidences,
to ensure that the service / block you're submitting is indeed trustworthy.


Appeal Our Decision

Please keep in mind that a verification process will start,
to ensure that you've been classified as a scammer by mistake. We will ask you to unlock a device as a test. If you can unlock it, we'll add you to the trusted services.